MCC 118 – 100kS/s Stackable DAQ HAT For Raspberry Pi

MCC 118 – 100kS/s Stackable DAQ HAT For Raspberry Pi

Measurement Computing Corporation (MCC) has released a $99 measurement DAQ (Data acquisition system) HAT for the Raspberry Pi. It is highly optimized for single point and waveform voltage. MCC claims their board allows greater accuracy with high resolution. It has much faster sample rates than many other DAQ HAT add-ons for the Raspberry Pi. The new “MCC 118” provides 8x single-ended, 12-bit, ±10 V analog inputs with sample rates up to 100 kS/s.

MCC 118 with Pi and with four-board stacked configuration

Maximum of eight MCC HATs can be stacked onto one Raspberry Pi, providing up to 64 channels of data and a maximum total throughput of 320 kS/s. Multiple boards can be synchronized using external clock and trigger input options.

The MCC 118 is the first in a series of MCC DAQ HATs. More of DAQ boards are due by the end of the year. The MCC home page mentions a “coming soon” Voltage Output/DIO HAT with two analog output channels and eight digital I/O. Users will be able to mix and match future MCC DAQ HATs with the MCC 118 on a single stack.

The MCC 118 is provided with an external scan clock and an external digital trigger input. The board has a dimension of 65 x 56.5 x 12mm. It has a 0 to 55°C temperature range and is powered at 3.3V from the Raspberry Pi via the GPIO connector.

The MCC 118 comes with an open source, Raspbian-based MCC DAQ HAT Library available for C/C++ and Python. API and hardware documentation is provided with the shipping unit. The user also gets an array of sample programs including a C/C++ based DataLogger and a Python-based web server and IFTTT web service.

The MCC 118 is now available for $99. More information can be found on the MCC 118 announcement and product page.

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