Mcuzone MPW7 Wi-Fi 7 HAT for Raspberry Pi 5 Supports Google TPU

Mcuzone MPW7 Wi-Fi 7 HAT for Raspberry Pi 5 Supports Google TPU

The Mcuzone MPW7 is a HAT for the Raspberry Pi 5 that adds Wi-Fi 7 capabilities to the Pi5. It works with specific Wi-Fi modules like the Intel BE200, AX210, and AX200. On top of that, the company said the module will also have support for Google TPU, Wi-Fi 6/6E, and Bluetooth onboard.

Previously, we have seen many companies build NVMe HATs for the Pi5 like Waveshare M.2 HAT+, Pimoroni NVMe Base, and PineBerry Pi HatDrive feel free to check those out if you are looking for NVMe HATs.

The module’s design ensures easy access to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins, even with the hat connected. It features clear labels on the board for clear identification of components. This Hat also supports Bluetooth but to work with it you need to connect the 1.25mm JST to one of the USBs of the Pi using a special converter board after which you will be able to work with the device frankly speaking this looks like a terrible design to save some cost. The company mentioned that this HAt will also support Google Cloud Tensor Processing Units(TPU).

Mcuzone MPW7 Module Specification:

  • M.2 E-Key Socket: Compatible with 2230 modules, it accommodates a variety of Wi-Fi modules.
  • Wi-Fi Module Compatibility: Supports several M.2 E-Key Wi-Fi modules, including the BE200, AX210, AX200, MT7922, and Intel 8265C among others.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Features a 1.25mm 4-pin USB interface for Bluetooth, integrated within the Wi-Fi module connecting to the MPW7.
  • Indicators: Equipped with on-board power and activity LED indicators for easy status monitoring.
  • Mounting Options: Includes four M2.5 fixing holes for secure installation.
  • GPIO Header Access: Designed to ensure easy access to the Raspberry Pi 5’s 40-pin GPIO header, facilitating seamless integration with other components.
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 56mm.

You can buy the Mcuzone HAT for the Raspberry Pi 5 on AliExpress for $9.99 that’s not include shipping.

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