Motorized Slide Potentiometer Driver

Motorized Slide Potentiometer Driver


This motorized slide potentiometer is used in lighting and Audio/Video equipment or other similar application. It is a simple solution to control a motorized slide potentiometer using two tactile switches or a microcontroller interface. The project includes bidirectional motor driver L293DD H-Bridge chip, LM555 timer IC to generate the PWM pulse for speed control, and two tactile switches to control the direction of the motor. Instead of two tactile switches, these pins can be interfaced with Arduino or microcontroller. SW2 and SW3 are used for CCW/CW motor control. PR1 trimmer potentiometer is provided to set the motor speed. Operating power supply of the project 6V to 9V DC. LED D3 and D4 Motor direction indicator. We have used a 10KB taper resistance potentiometer with a 100mm travel distance.

Motorized Slide Potentiometer Driver – [Link]

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