Multi-port 65W fast charger reference design

Multi-port 65W fast charger reference design


Silanna Semiconductor has launched a fully integrated reference design for 65W multiport faster chargers in a 1C1A format.

The RD-35 design is built around Silanna’s AC-DC controller and DC-DC converter technology and featuring a silicon superjunction FET for fast chargers with one USB Type-A and one Type-C interface (1C1A) delivering up to 3.25A.

The operating efficiency greater than 92% minimizes power consumption during charging, while no-load consumption of less than 300 mW reduces standby power. Efficiency is relatively flat across the universal (90 – 265Vac) input voltage range and low-to full-load conditions.

The RD-35 combines Silanna’s 16pin SZ1131 fully-integrated AC-DC active clamp flyback (ACF) controller and the company’s SZPL3102A high-voltage, high-efficiency integrated 65W buck converter. The AnyPort architecture provides the flexibility to complete a charger design for a given power level prior to specifying and configuring the specific number and type of output ports.

This allows a single base charger design to be deployed across various end products with different Type-C and Type-A output configurations. Time-to-market is further reduced as the RD-35 exceeds conducted and radiated EMI requirements, eliminating the need for pre-production validation and certification.

“Manufacturers are looking to create multi-port fast chargers that address stringent performance, power density and efficiency requirements within tight time-to-market deadlines,” says Ahsan Zaman, Silanna Semiconductor’s Director of Product Marketing.

“In line with our other production-ready reference designs, the combination of Silanna’s CO2 Smart Power family of advanced AC/DC and DC/DC technologies and the innovative AnyPort architecture enable engineers to reduce the time needed to develop and test 65W 1C1A multi-port designs and ensure the fastest possible route from prototyping to full production.”

Full availability of PCB Gerber and production files further reduces the time from prototyping to full production.

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