New Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Improves Thermal Control

New Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Improves Thermal Control

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+

Like previously marketed boards of Raspberry, this new module is not meant for the traditional use. Rather, business and industrial use were intended with the New Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+. Keeping the same compatibility, Raspberry new boards are the modern version of computing modules. For sure, development in the old system is always needed, so is the board’s industry. Coping up with the demand of the industry, the new modules have made users optimistic regarding their system.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+

Packed in a similar 67.6 x 31mm SODIMM styled module, the new compute module is built around the same Broadcom BCM2837B0 processor that is used on the Raspberry Pi 3, Model B+ and A+ boards but unlike the Model B+ and A+, the processor speed is clocked at 1.2GHz found on the previous compute module rather than the speedier 1.4GHz, and this decision is believed to be related to power supply limitations. Just like it’s predecessor, the CM+ continues to offer 1GB of LPDDR2 RAM and lacks the RPI 3 modules built-in WiFi and Bluetooth radios.

“…Compute Module 3+ is an evolution of Compute Module 3 and [original] Compute Module, bringing new features while keeping the form factor, electrical compatibility, price point, and ease of use of the earlier products.”James Adams, COO Raspberry Pi Trading

One major upgrade for the CM+ is the better thermal control. To overcome the heating issues, it has refined the thermal control system. So long lasting processing is an utmost feature of Pi compute Module 3+. In opting for the best feature for business and industry purpose, perhaps this is a first requirement to have increased thermal capacity.

“The Compute Module also provides more interfaces than the regular Raspberry Pi, supporting two cameras and two displays, as well as extra GPIO.”

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Development Kit

Raspberry also offers a development kit which is expected to be open source. The refreshed development kit will include 1 × Lite and 1 × 32GB Compute Module 3+ modules, along with the Compute Module IO board, camera, and display adapters, jumper wires, and a programming cable.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ is available in the following configurations: Lite/no eMMC ($25), 8GB eMMC ($30), 16GB ($35), and 32GB ($40). More information may be found at the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s RPi CM3+ announcement and datasheet, and the Newark Element14 CM3+ shopping page. More on the dev kit may be found at the CM3+ Development Kit product page.

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