NGK releases new ceramic Li-ion rechargeable Batteries for IoT

NGK releases new ceramic Li-ion rechargeable Batteries for IoT


Ultra-small, ultra-thin, high-capacity and capable to be installed at high temperatures, the EnerCera line of rechargeable Li-ion batteries is looking to change up the market for IoT devices by being adaptable to current manufacturing processes while allowing wireless communication. (via)

The key lies in the usage of ceramic, in the form of Japanese manufacturer NGK Insulators (hereafter NGK) original Crystal Oriented Ceramic Plate as electrodes, allowing for the battery to be composed of just an active material, containing no organic binder or conductive material and making the high energy density and low internal resistance possible.

Technology solutions that respond to current demands

Discussing the potential of this new line of batteries, General Manager and Project Leader for R&D, Iwao Ohwada pointed to the fact that

in the current state of the IoT market, there is strong demand for small batteries with high functionality. The reason for that is simple: battery technology is lagging behind. Batteries take up space, their life-span is short, maintenance is difficult. This makes up a big obstacle to the explosion of IoT. I think that our devices can overcome these difficulties. They are ultra-thin, easy to implement, and maintenance free. In that sense, we have overcome the walls limiting batteries and created a new paradigm for the concept of what a battery can be. I believe this has the potential to have a ripple effect for the market as a whole.

Consider one of the central issues of IoT devices: the need for large currents (several 10 mA to several 100 mA) to support wireless communications. By allowing for this while simultaneously realizing CV (Constant Voltage)-charging capability, this line of batteries allows for smaller, more efficient devices with a larger lifespan.

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