RIGOL Introduces Higher Current Models to its DP800 Series of Linear DC Power Supplies

RIGOL Introduces Higher Current Models to its DP800 Series of Linear DC Power Supplies

RIGOL Technologies is expanding its popular DP800 Series of Linear Benchtop DC Power Supplies with new higher current models up to 20 Amps. The new DP800 models provide a programmable linear power supply with high current, low ripple, and high precision for many industries and applications such as optical communication module testing, chip, and integrated circuit testing, semiconductor testing, and industrial ATE verification.

The new DP813/DP813A Power Supplies are available with 1 output, 8V/20A (Low Range), 20V/10A (High Range), remote sensing and total power up to 200W. The new DP822/DP822A models feature 2 isolated outputs, 20V/5A and 5V/16A, remote sensing and total power up to 180W.

These new power supplies address the continuing trend towards higher current applications for power, battery, and telecommunications equipment. In addition, the 2 output DP822/822A power supplies fulfill the technical requirements for emerging higher speed optical module power testing. The DP813A and DP822A models come standard with high resolution, analysis, digital IO, and communication options that can be added to the DP813 and DP822 models. This includes USB, RS-232, and Ethernet communication.

Due to the higher test currents, these new models are equipped with separate sense connections which can be used to eliminate error from cable loss in measurements. RIGOL’s linear power supply design limits ripple noise on the output to less than 350 μVrms. This combination of power, capability, and accuracy make DP800 series power supplies a valuable addition to any engineer’s bench.

“The DP800 Power Supply Family is our most popular. These new models allow us to deliver more complete solutions for engineers who need to provide and analyze higher DC current levels on their newest designs.” stated Chris Armstrong, Director of Product Marketing for RIGOL USA. “These new power supplies complement a series of recent product line expansions into higher current application areas that include our DL3000 family of DC electronic loads, as well as recent current probe additions including the RP1006C, PCA1030, PCA1150, and PCA2030 probes that work with our integrated power analysis toolkit available on RIGOL’s UltraVision II Oscilloscopes.”

Learn more at www.rigolna.com

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