OpenEPaperLink Mini-AP v3 is A Zigbee-WiFi Gateway for the OpenEPaperLink Project

OpenEPaperLink Mini-AP v3 is A Zigbee-WiFi Gateway for the OpenEPaperLink Project

The OpenEPaperLink Mini-AP v3 is a multifunctional gateway for home E-Paper display systems. It supports JPG images and integrates with HomeAssistant, enhancing smart home capabilities. With the OpenEPaperLink Mini-AP v3, you can control all your ePaper tags effortlessly.

Previously we have covered many paper displays like the Inkplate 5, Inkplate 10, and Pimoroni PIM534 among others, you can check those out if interested.

This device is built around an ESP32-S3 and incorporates an ESP32-C6 as a radio interface. When it comes to communication these devices use unencrypted, Zigbee-like (IEEE 802.15.4) packets on 2.4 GHz. The integrated web interface on the ESP32-S3 ensures that the access point is fully autonomous, seamlessly coordinating with electronic shelf labels equipped with the OpenEpaperLink firmware.

According to Electronics by Nic,

If you just want to tinker with Thread or Zigbee instead, you can make this as a WiFi to Thread/Zigbee gateway, possibly use it together with Zigbee2mqtt. But no software is written for it yet if you want to use it that way. Looking forward to seeing some nice implementations!

In simpler terms the Mini-AP v3 serves as a bridge between WiFi and Thread/Zigbee networks, ideal for those who love to experiment with smart home connectivity. While specific software for this functionality is still in the works, the potential applications are boundless.

This device is compatible with various display sizes: 1.54″ (152×152 pixels), 2.9″ (296×128 pixels), and 4.2″, each offering different sizes and resolutions for different display needs.

Features of OpenEPaperLink Mini-AP v3

  • Device Core
    • ESP32-S3 for processing
    • ESP32-C6 for wireless communication
  • Software and Communication
    • Runs OpenEpaperLink software
    • Uses IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee-like) packets on 2.4Ghz
  • User Interface and Operation
    • The integrated web interface on ESP32-S3
    • Autonomous operation with OpenEpaperLink firmware devices
  • Display and Integration
    • Displays JPG images on E-Paper screens
    • Custom messages and data display capability
    • Integrates with HomeAssistant for smart home setups
  • Build Options
    • DIY kit for personal assembly
    • A fully assembled and tested version is available
  • Sustainability
    • Compatible with recycled electronic shelf labels

Electronics by Nic Continues [It’s important to note that the OpenEPaperLink Mini-AP v3 is a hobbyist project and should not be used in situations where failure could cause harm or distress.]

The OpenEPaperLink Mini-AP v3 kit includes a 3D-printed SLA resin case, a pre-mounted PCB with SMD components, ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 and ESP32-C6-WROOM-1 modules, a 1.47″ TFT screen, a WS2812B LED, and 5x 0603 SMD LEDs with 2 spares.

Additional information, including Source Code, Documentation, and Datasheet for the Particle Snowflake, is available in the GitHub Repo. For purchasing, the device is readily accessible on Tindie.

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