Samsung takes on Murata with MLCC for 5G smartphones

Samsung takes on Murata with MLCC for 5G smartphones

Samsung is taking on Murata with a 1209 MLCC that is 18 percent thinner at 0.65mm and replaces four other devices in 5G smartphones. By Nick Flaherty @

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed a 0.65mm 1209 format multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) for 5G smartphones that is 18 percent thinner than previous products. It plans to use the technology to overtake Murata, which makes over a trillion devices a year, as the world’s largest MLCC supplier.

The 3-socket MLCC adds an earth socket to the general MLCC for reduction in high-frequency power noise filtering and can replace three to four two-contact MLCC devices.

The 1209 format measures 1.2 x 0.9mm and the smaller thickness of 0.65mm was achieved applying independent thin layer molding technology and a superfine dielectric layer. This reduced the thickness from 0.8mm.

Replacing three to four MLCC devices helps reduce the component count. THe cseramic capcitors chips can have production shortages that hit phone makers.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics began its MLCC business since 1988, and is the second largest supplier in the IT sector. It says it plans to use this new technology to expand its product range and market share.

“There has been a massive increase in miniature, high-performance, and highly-reliable MLCC demand with the commercialization of 5G mobile communication and electrification of automobiles. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will secure a leading position in the market by strengthening its distinctive technology, including the internal development of core materials and internalization of equipment, and manufacturing capabilities,”

said Doo Young Kim, Head of the Component Unit at Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Murata has 56 percent of the automotive MLCC market with an annual capacity up to 1,100 billion devices. The 8004 is used in 5G flagship phones from Apple and it is producing the world’s smallest 0402 size (1.0×0.5mm) three-terminal MLCC and a three-terminal low-ESL MLCC with 10µF in the 0603 size (1.6×0.8mm) for ADAS and autonomous driving.

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