Seeed Studio Fusion PCBA Service – Free Assembly for 5 PCBs

Seeed Studio Fusion PCBA Service – Free Assembly for 5 PCBs

To the ire of many, manufacturing in small quantities have often led to sky high prices, hindering many makers from translating their ideas to reality. Now, to eliminate cost barriers and enable even more makers to experience the flexibility and convenience of turnkey PCB fabrication and assembly, Seeed Fusion is waiving off the assembly costs for the Seeed Fusion One-stop PCB Assembly (PCBA) service for five pieces.

When assembling a device on their own, makers have to go through the process of sourcing for components, creating homemade PCBs, and soldering each component by hand. Very often, unexpected problems arise. Delays begin to mount and this leads to slow delivery of products and missed launch dates.

Since the beginning of Seeed Studio, the Seeed Fusion PCBA Service has always had the goal of helping makers around the world skip the hassle of turning Gerbers and BOMs into the complete physical device. It enables rapid prototyping at affordable prices, and has since developed into the cornerstone of the Seeed Fusion service.

Parts can be sourced from major Global distributors such as Digikey, Mouser and others. But since Seeed is located in Shenzhen, the product innovation and electronics manufacturing juggernaut, Seeed’s close proximity to electronic component suppliers enables it to rapidly source the necessary components from local distributors, reducing the lead time to just 7 working days if all components are sourced locally from the Seeed Open Parts Library, which has swelled to more than 15,000 locally available parts. To begin the ordering process, customers are required to upload their PCB Gerber files and BOM files onto the online order webpage, and a complete quote will be generated in seconds. As part of Seeed’s efforts to make the Fusion PCBA service affordable, all PCBA orders are entitled to free express shipping to anywhere in the world.

Now, Seeed is going further by slashing the assembly, operation and set-up costs for orders up to 5 pieces of PCBA. This means that customers only need to pay for the materials and components needed, and Seeed Fusion will assemble the boards free of charge. Most orders will be able to enjoy cost savings of about 80% of the usual price. For example, assembling 5 Seeeduino boards would usually cost over $400. However, this offer would reduce the price tag to a mere $50.

With the Free Assembly for 5 PCBs offer, along with its previous Seeed Fusion promotions, Seeed is demonstrating that cost need not be a stumbling block when it comes to electronics projects. To those new to the Seeed Fusion PCBA service, this offer also presents a great opportunity to try it out. Navigate to the dedicated offer page to experience the convenience of Seeed’s Fusion PCBA service. The offer is only available once per customer.

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Thank you for sharing this great information about assembly pcbs.


is there any disadvantages of it ?

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