Simplified development of cellular IoT prototypes is now possible in just a few days

Simplified development of cellular IoT prototypes is now possible in just a few days


Based on Nordic’s industry-leading nRF9160 SiP multimode LTE-M/NB-IoT module with GPS, which uniquely supports Arm TrustZone Internet-grade encryption and security, the battery-powered Nordic Thingy:91 is a simplified rapid prototyping platform designed specifically for cellular IoT. It includes a full asset tracking sample application, an exhaustive list of nine sensors, ‘straight-out-of-the-box’ operation, and support for a full range of complementary short-range wireless technologies including Bluetooth 5 and NFC courtesy of Nordic’s flagship nRF52840 SoC.

Nordic Semiconductor announces the introduction of the ‘Thingy:91’ rapid cellular IoT prototyping platform which is certified for global, low-power, long-range LTE-M/NB-IoT applications, has unique Arm TrustZone security, includes a full range of sensors (see below), plus embedded support courtesy of a Nordic nRF52840 advanced multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC) for complementary ultra low power short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth®5, Thread, Zigbee, and ANT.

A Nano (4FF) eSIM card from iBasis preloaded with 10MB of data is bundled with the Thingy:91 to enable automatic, instant, out-of-the-box cellular LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity and roaming in a long and growing list of countries with cellular IoT networks.

A prime application for the Thingy:91 is asset tracking, especially as it ships with a full sample asset-tracking application in place. This could take the form of shipping containers where individual items within the container can be tracked via short-range Bluetooth 5 (e.g. location within container and temperature for cold storage goods), with the container itself and any important changes in the status of its contents tracked remotely via long-range cellular wireless technology.

The Nordic Thingy:91 is housed in a 6 x 6-cm plastic and rubber case which includes a USB connector to charge the device’s 1440 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. The Thingy:91’s sensor list includes environmental sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, air quality, and air pressure, plus a color and light sensor, along with separate low-power and additional high G-force accelerometers.

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