Single IC can produce isolated or non-isolated ±12V outputs

Single IC can produce isolated or non-isolated ±12V outputs

Linear Technology’s 560 VIN micropower no-opto isolated flyback converter with 630 V / 300 mA switch

Linear Tech’s LT8315 high voltage flyback converter with integrated 630 V / 300 mA switch needs no opto-isolator for regulation. It samples the output voltage from the isolated flyback waveform appearing across a third winding on the transformer. Its quasi-resonant boundary mode operation improves load regulation, reduces transformer size, and maintains high efficiency. At start-up, the LT8315 charges its INTVCC capacitor via a current source attached to the DRAIN pin. The current source turns off and the device draws its power from a third winding on the transformer during normal operation. It operates from a wide range of input supply voltages and can deliver up to 15 W of power. The LT8315 is available in a thermally enhanced 20-pin TSSOP package with four pins removed for high-voltage spacing.

A complete ±12V/50mA isolated flyback converter for a wide input range, 30V to 400V


  • Wide input voltage range: 18 V to 560 V
  • 630 V / 300 mA integrated power switch
  • No opto-isolator required for regulation
  • Quasi-resonant boundary mode operation
  • Constant-current and constant-voltage regulation
  • Low-ripple light load Burst Mode® operation
  • Low quiescent current: 70 μA
  • Programmable current limit and soft-start
  • TSSOP package with high-voltage spacing

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