Smart plug ESP32 OpenMQTTGateway  serving as an BLE MQTT gateway and a Power meter

Smart plug ESP32 OpenMQTTGateway serving as an BLE MQTT gateway and a Power meter

In order to function as a BLE MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) gateway and power meter compatible with Home Assistant, Homebridge, OpenHAB, DomoticZ, FHEM, Jeedom, NodeRed, AWS, and any MQTT-compatible IoT or Smart Home system, the Theengs Plug ESP32 smart plug runs OpenMQTTGateway firmware.

Theengs open-source tools

Even though the Matter standard should make it easier for Smart Home frameworks to work together over time, there are still millions of devices on the market that don’t work with Matter. The Theengs Plug aims to at least partially solve this problem by helping users reduce the number of hubs they need and have only one that works with different ecosystems.

Theengs Plug hardware features a dual-core ESP32 wireless MCU with 2.4 GHz WiFi and Bluetooth LE connectivity. It has a number of other specifications. With a power supply of 100-120  VAC, 60Hz, and up to 15 A, MQ Telemetry Transport makes up the network protocol. The device has dimensions of 103 x 61 x 34.6mm and a storage temperature range of roughly -10 °C to 50 °C. Its operating temperature range is 0 °C to 40 °C. 0 % to 95 % relative humidity (no condensation) with UL certification.

A few applications for the Theengs Plug and other ESP32 board loads with OpenMQTTGateway, along with a suitable BLE sensor and an MQTT broker, include plant monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring for cigar boxes, refrigerators, rooms, and cooking (BBQ), the measurement of CO2, particle matter, and formaldehyde levels in your home, monitoring water and energy usage when taking a shower, and more.

The OpenMQTTGateway firmware supports more than 70 sensors, and as we’ve previously mentioned, Theengs offers a variety of open-source BLE tools to go with the firmware. The creator lists some additional advantages as well, including support for the Home Assistant auto discovery convention, OTA updates, low power mode, SSL support, and more. Additionally, you’ll discover some documentation for the Theengs Plug.

Although you can install the Python-based Theengs Gateway on a Raspberry Pi SBC or flash OpenMQTTGateway on additional ESP32, ESP8266, or Arduino boards, buying the Theengs Plug will be more convenient and will also help the project. The OpenMQTTGateway smart plug is currently available in the US for $39.90, but it will also be made in Europe, according to plans for support in other regions.

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