Syntiant Brings AI Development to Everyone, Everywhere with Introduction of TinyML Platform

Syntiant Brings AI Development to Everyone, Everywhere with Introduction of TinyML Platform

Tiny Machine Learning Development Board Now Available for Building Low-Power Voice, Audio and Sensor Applications using Edge Impulse’s Embedded ML Platform.

Smallest Form Factor in the Market Fits Tiniest Devices; Delivers 20x More Throughput at 200x Less Energy Per Inference.

Syntiant Corp, a provider of deep learning solutions making edge AI a reality for always-on applications in battery-powered devices, today unveiled its TinyML Development Board, an easy-to-use developer kit aimed at both technical and non-technical users for building machine learning-powered applications in smart products, such as speech commands, wake word detection, acoustic event detection and other sensor use cases.

Equipped with the ultra-low-power Syntiant® NDP101 Neural Decision Processor™, the TinyML board can enable speech and sensor applications to run at under 140 and 100 microwatts, respectively, delivering 20x more throughput and 200x efficiency improvement compared to traditional MCU-based systems. Sized at 24 mm x 28 mm, the Syntiant TinyML board is a small, self-contained system that allows trained models to be easily downloaded via Edge Impulse through a micro-USB connection without the need for any specialized hardware. The new board also is fully compatible with Arduino’s open-source platform.

“Syntiant’s TinyML board is another example of how we are advancing AI pervasiveness by moving machine learning from the cloud to the edge,” said Kurt Busch, CEO of Syntiant. “Our collaboration with Edge Impulse now enables anyone, from individual developers and hardware engineers to small companies to design, build and deploy highly accurate ML applications that respond to speech, sounds and motion with minimal power consumption. Whether it is for a wearable, industrial product or even to assist with people with disabilities, the possibilities are endless with our new TinyML board that provides a full solution for bringing the power of artificial intelligence to almost any device.”

Users can easily sample raw data, build, download and deploy trained embedded machine learning models by using the Edge Impulse studio to create low-power, high-performance speech, audio and sensor interfaces.

“In Edge Impulse’s pursuit to democratize embedded machine learning for all developers, we are thrilled to partner with Syntiant, which has become a trailblazer in the ultra-low-power edge AI space,” said Zach Shelby, co-founder and CEO of Edge Impulse. “Our front-end support for the Syntiant TinyML Development Board provides customers with all the software tools necessary for building and deploying limitless ML applications that will unlock the next generation of always-on devices.

The TinyML platform’s onboard digital microphone and motion sensor enable easy configuration for any speech, event detection or 6 axis motion- and vibration-related application. Shipping with a built-in “Alexa play music” model, key product features include:

  • Syntiant NDP101 Neural Decision Processor™
  • Syntiant Core 1™ neural network
  • Supports up to 560k parameters and 64 output classifications
  • Host processor: Cortex-M0+ 32bit low power ARM MCU, including:
  • 256KB flash memory
  • 32KB host processor SRAM
  • 5 Digital I/Os compatible with Arduino MKR series boards
  • 2MB on-board serial flash
  • 48MHz system clock
  • 6 axis motion sensor
  • Digital microphone

An interactive workshop, “Accelerating your Edge Applications with Syntiant’s TinyML Board,” will be held Thursday, September 30 at noon PDT during Edge Impulse’s Imagine conference.

Visit to learn more and to register for the free event.

More information on the Syntiant TinyML Development Board is available at

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