xMEMS Labs Debuts Cutting-Edge Reference Designs for True Wireless Stereo Earbuds and In-Ear-Monitors

xMEMS Labs Debuts Cutting-Edge Reference Designs for True Wireless Stereo Earbuds and In-Ear-Monitors


Designs are available to purchase directly from the company store, setting brands or manufacturers on a clear and accelerated path to market based on xMEMS’ designs.

Accelerating the adoption of solid-state micro speakers in consumer audio products, MEMS audio and semiconductor pioneer xMEMS Labs today announced the availability of two innovative reference designs for purchase at the xMEMS web store.

The first unit, known as Harding, serves as xMEMS’ reference design for 2-way True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds, while the other is for audiophile-level full-range in-ear-monitors (IEMs). Both are available for a limited time and in extremely limited quantities, with the goal of providing interested audio brands and manufacturers with accelerated time-to-market leveraging xMEMS’ patented designs.

According to xMEMS VP of Marketing and Business Development Mike Housholder, by making these reference designs available for purchase, the company is giving brands the best possible starting point so they and their customers can immediately begin reaping the benefits of the world’s first all-silicon, monolithic MEMS micro speakers.

“As we continue to build momentum and awareness around our MEMS-based technologies that deliver a better sounding speaker with greater production efficiency and uniformity, we’re doing everything we can to support every customer who understands the value of making MEMS speakers part of their future product story,” Housholder said. “That’s why we’re making available for purchase a limited number of our TWS earbud and IEM designs to any forward-looking brand or manufacturer seeking a roadmap for the fastest possible adoption of xMEMS technology.”

In addition to the design itself, those who make a purchase will be able to request the complete xMEMS design files for each solution, including their acoustic, mechanical and electrical components.

Cowell Module (image credit: xMEMS)

The Harding 2-way TWS earbud design delivers superior high-frequency response and clarity featuring Cowell, the world’s smallest solid-state micro speaker. Cowell serves as the tweeter for highly realistic mids and highs and is paired with a custom-designed 9-mm dynamic driver woofer that delivers thumping bass. This ANC-ready (Active Noise Canceling) design embeds a Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio SoC and three microphones per earbud for noise canceling.

All told, Harding is a turn-key ODM design that’s fully integrated with all the needed components and expertly tuned acoustics to enable a seamless transition from legacy coil speakers to all-silicon micro speakers in TWS earbuds.

Montara Plus, the world’s highest output MEMS micro speaker, is the ideal full-bandwidth transducer for an IEM reference design that delivers sound pressure levels up to 120 dB @ 200 Hz. This USB-C IEM design embeds a hi-res audio DAC from Synaptics and a voice microphone for phone call and web support.

Furthermore, Montara Plus’ lightning-fast transient response and wide bandwidth (20Hz to >40kHz) achieve the highest fidelity and clarity in a simplified, single-speaker IEM, creating a path to smaller, lighter, simpler IEM designs without the phase alignment and design complexities of multi-driver IEM implementations.

“We’re seeing demand for xMEMS speakers grow exponentially as brands all over the globe try to stand out in the market and streamline their production efforts. By selling these reference designs, we’re doing our part to ensure the switch to MEMS speakers is as smooth and efficient as possible so more brands, manufacturers and their customers can soon benefit from xMEMS’ industry-changing innovations,” Housholder concluded.\

The reference designs are available to purchase here for $988 per unit.

For more information on xMEMS, click here.

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