Andonstar AD407 HDMI Digital USB Microscope Review

Andonstar AD407 HDMI Digital USB Microscope Review


Digital USB microscopes are widely available from various manufactures, are low-cost, and ideal for home or business use. They are USB-powered microscopes that can directly be connected to the computer’s USB port or USB adapter. They are a variation of a traditional optical microscope that uses optics and a digital camera to output an image to a monitor, using software running on a computer. They consist of a high-power macro lens and a reflective light using built-in LED lights surrounding the lens. The microscope is directly attached to the HDMI port of the monitor. So, the images are displayed on the monitor’s screen. They are usually low cost, they provide modest magnification depending on the lens, sensor, and illumination quality. Digital USB microscopes are very useful for examining coins, PCBs, documents, currency notes, fibers, surface irregularities, etc.

Andonstar AD407 USB microscope

Andonstar has recently launched its AD407 HDMI Digital USB Microscope. It uses a 4 megapixels HD sensor and an industrial lens that provides the capability of capturing 1080 (max 120f/s) images as well as video. It can provide clear images with a deep depth of field under a high object distance. It features HDMI output enabling the microscope to be connected with external monitors. Andonstar AD407 microscope is the most convenient tool for soldering work. It features a 7-inch adjustable screen, allowing users to view parts and components of the PCB. Further, its UV filter can protect the lens from oil and heat during the soldering process. Moreover, it has a height-adjustable stand (not very precise manufactured) that can move backward and forward, providing enough soldering working space and allowing you to view better the soldering components. Thus the product aims to improve the precision and efficiency of your soldering and repair work.

Unboxing – Package contents

The microscope comes in a big box with plenty of insulation to protect it during transport. The box includes:

  • Microscope x1
  • Stand x1
  • HDMI cable x1
  • Switch Cable x1
  • UV Filter x1
  • IR-Remote x1(not included the battery)
  • Adapter x1
  • Users Manual x1

Unboxing and powering up the unit took only 4-5 minutes. The microscope comes assembled and all you have to do to start is to add batteries to the remote control and connect the light and power control cable the the USB adapter. Hit power ON button and you are ready to go.

Features of the product

  • With a 7-inch adjustable LCD screen to present clear images of the object
  • An excellent image processing system for better viewing, monitoring, and documentation
  • With UV filter protecting the lens from harmful substances and extending the working life of the product
  • 1080P( max 120f/s) HD capability and HDMI video output for high-quality images output
  • High object distance help to produce images with a deep depth of field
  • A height-adjustable metal stands able to be moved backward and forward, providing enough soldering working space.

The Andonstar team says that this 7-inch digital microscope is perfect for jewelry appraisal, antique authentication, soldering, repairing, popularization of science, and other applications.

Specifications of AD407

  • Image sensor: 4 megapixels HD sensor
  • Video output: UHD2880x2160 24FPS; FHD1920x1080 60FPS/30FPS; HD1280x720 120FPS;
  • eo format: MP4; real-time play via HDMI w/o recording;
  • Magnification: Up to 270 times (HDMI monitor 27 inches)
  • Photo resolution: Max 4032×3024 (12M 4032*3024)
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Focus range: Minimum 5cm
  • Frame rate: Max 120f/s (600 Lus brightness &HDP120)
  • Video-output: HDMI
  • Storage: Microscope-SD card, Up to 32G
  • Pc support: NO
  • Power source: 5V DC
  • Light source: 2 LED with the stand
  • Screen size: 7 inch
  • Stand size: 20cm*12cm*19cm
  • Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS/HDMI
  • Packaging data: 32*22*10cm/1.6kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

Andonstar ADSM302 vs AD407

Comparing the AD407 with another microscope (ADSM302) from the same company we see they share many parts as the lens, base, and LED lights but AD407 has a bigger screen. The ADSM302 has a better vertical aluminum stand which is more precise than the low-cost stand of AD407. Other than this the lens seems to be of the same type. You can check the full ADSM302 review on this page.

The microscope features magnification up to 270x times. It also allows for an SD card of up to 32 GB. Besides, two LEDs are used for lighting on the stand.

Overall, it is a low-cost digital USB microscope with many features that makes it suitable for a wide range of household, scientific, and workshop applications.

Sample Images

Here are some images captured on the SD card of the microscope. As you can see the quality is nice and the images are sharp and clear. The resolution of the images is 4032 x 3024 px which is fair enough.


The Andonstar AD407 digital USB microscope is available for sale on the Andonstar store for €235.32 EUR. It comes along with a stand, HDMI cable, UV filter, IR remote control, and an adapter. Plus, it has a warranty for one year.

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