AVRFT234 – Small AVR-ISP Programmer

AVRFT234 – Small AVR-ISP Programmer


A small avrdude compatible AVR-ISP programmer based on the FTDI FT234X which only needs a standard micro USB cable.

found many fairly big/bulky AVR-ISP programmers in the “middle” of cables (USB cable->programmer->cable->[adaptor->]6-pin connector) but I wanted something compact for occasional use I could carry around and only needed a standard micro USB cable so I made the AVRFT234 utilising the FTDI FT234X.

It can be used with recent versions of Avrdude (6.3) to program AVR IC and bootloaders for many AVR based Arduino and clone boards using the standard 6 pin SPI pinout header.

AVRFT234 – Small AVR-ISP Programmer – [Link]

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