Elektor Archive 1974-2019 in a USB stick for only 99.95€

Elektor Archive 1974-2019 in a USB stick for only 99.95€

This handy USB stick (32 GB, USB 3.0) is loaded with all the Elektor magazine English editions (as PDFs) from 1974 to 2019. Elektor engineers, authors, and editors aim to inspire you to master electronics and computer technology by presenting professionally designed circuits that are easy to build. We also cover the latest developments in electronics and information technology. With the Elektor Archive on a USB stick, you can browse our previous English editions at your convenience and learn about MCU-based projects, robotics, electronics testing, embedded programming, analog techniques, and much more.

All the Elektor magazine editions are stored as PDFs on a 32-GB USB stick (USB 3.0). The 10,000+ articles have been classified by date of publication (month/year), and a comprehensive index enables you to search the entire USB stick. Subject areas include:

  • Audio & video
  • Computers & microcontrollers
  • Radio, hobby & modelling
  • Home & garden
  • Power supplies & batteries
  • Test & measurement
  • Software
  • And everything else that doesn’t fit in one of these categories.

If you are interested in designing, sharing, and selling electronics, you must have Elektor’s entire English archive!

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