Enix: The Modern Nixie Clock

Enix: The Modern Nixie Clock

Here at electronics-lab.com we love Nixie clocks and when we came across this beautiful IN-14 clock we thought that worth sharing the news with you. This is a beautifully sleek product that gives new life to vintage components. Argon Prototypes Inc. has launched a kickstarter campaign and it is already funded with 19 days remaining.

At Argon Prototypes we’re obsessed with everything retro – but we also love the practicality, style and technological features of the current day. That’s why our goal was to create a product that combines the undeniable style of vintage Nixie tubes with the appeals of modern technology.

In the development of this product, it was very important for us to create a design as compact and sleek as possible. Through meticulous development of the circuit board design, we are able to offer the Enix in a compact form. This results in a look that is clean, sharp and contemporary, and will look amazing on your desk or bedside table.

Our enclosures are CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 Aluminum and bead-blasted for a smooth satin finish. Every case will be quality-inspected upon production to ensure a high calibre product for all of our backers.

The project is live on kickstarter and pledges start at 329 CA$

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