Getting Started with the Arduino IoT Cloud

Getting Started with the Arduino IoT Cloud

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IoT is now mainstream. It has gone beyond the buzzword it used to be and several tools are being made available to makers to facilitate the development of solutions based on it. One of the newest IoT platforms is the Arduino IoT Cloud developed by our good friends at Today we will examine how you can build projects that interact with the Arduino IoT Cloud, such as sending and receiving data.

The Arduino IoT Cloud is Arduino’s way of democratizing IoT development, making it easy for everyone to build internet of things applications. It provides the ability for IoT based devices to exchange data between each other and the cloud where further processing can be done and use the data to solve specific problems. The platform allows communication via a host of protocols including; HTTP REST API, MQTT, Command-Line Tools, Javascript, and Websockets. It features the typical “easy to use” nature of the Arduino and also features tools that make it capable of automatically generating the sketch/code for your device, which helps reduce development time from hours to minutes. In its typical open source nature and support for other clones, the Arduino IoT Cloud allows the connection of other Linux-based devices and boards to the platform.

Getting Started with the Arduino IoT Cloud – [Link]

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