LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver: Is it meant for you?

LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver: Is it meant for you?

Laser engraving technology has been widely used by designers, makers, and hobbyists to engrave solid marks on different types of materials that are exposed to the engraver machine. Laser engraving machines are designed for cutting, etching, marking, and engraving hard materials while automating the process through the use of computer software. LONGER is regarded as a leading laser engraver manufacturer and has now launched a new LONGER RAY5 laser engraver with a 3.5-inch built-in touch screen and 32-bit motherboards for seamless operation.

Before purchasing any laser engraver, it is very important to know what kind of materials the LONGER RAY5 laser engraver machine can be used. Some of the engraving materials include wood, paper, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, non-reflective plating, and lacquered metal, among many others. The cutting materials include cardboard, non-woven fabric, light wood, acrylic material, and thin plastic board. The manufacturer has also provided a list of dangerous materials on which the LONGER RAY5 laser engraver should not be used– PVC, Lexan, ABS, HDPE, Polystyrene foam, fiberglass, Polypropylene, coated carbon fiber, etc.

At the heart of the LONGER RAY5 laser engraver is a 32-bit Espressif microcontroller that can be clocked up to a frequency of 240MHz. We presume that the embedded ESP32 microcontroller is based on the Xtensa 32-bit LX7 single-core processor that includes 320kB of onboard static SRAM and 128kB of flash storage. Some of the software that can be used to operate the LONGER RAY5 laser engraver is LabserGRBL and LightBurn software for Windows operating systems. If you are planning to use Mac or Linux operating system, then you can consider using the LightBurn software.

Specifications of LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver

  • CPU: ESP32 microcontroller
  • Display: 3.5-inch built-in touch screen
  • Working area: 400×400 mm2
  • Engraving speed:
    • Minimum: 40 mm/minute
    • Maximum: 10,000 mm/minute
  • Power supply: 110-240V with 50-60Hz
  • Power adapter output: 12V/5A
  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Interfaces: USB and TF card
  • Software support:
    • Windows: LaserGRBL And LightBurn Software
    • Mac/Linux: LightBurn Software
  • Carving materials: Wood, paper, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminium oxide, non-reflective plating, and lacquered metal
  • Cutting materials: Cardboard, non-woven fabric, light wood, acrylic material, plastic board
  • Input format: BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, AI, SVG, etc.
  • Operating temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

Key features of LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver

  • The LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver is equipped with a 3.5-inch color touch screen display for offline engraving and cutting. The existing technology is dependent on the computer, and if the computer is down during the engraving process, it may cause the engraving machine to stop. But with LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver, the offline operation of the machine can be taken care of using the touch screen which is connected through the SD card and the onboard microcontroller.
  • Cost-saving is another key feature of the LONGER RAY5 Laser Engrave, as multiple batches of the same pattern can be processed using two or more of this laser engraver machine, rather than buying multiple computers and equipment.
  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly is the selling point for the LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver. Several types of equipment in the market require knowledge and field expertise to operate the machine, but this LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver has a simple and unified user interface with simple operation processes.
  • The powerful onboard microcontroller comes from Espressif ESP32 manufacturer that operates at a speed of 240MHz and is faster than that of an 8-bit microcontroller, and command transmission speed is faster too. The offline operation can only be supported if an SD card is inserted, which is supported by a powerful ESP32 microcontroller.
  • Five safety protections, including thermal protection, move protection, motionless protection, emergency stop button, and eye protection.

Specifications of Laser Technology:

  • Laser technology: Diode laser
  • Spot size: 0.08×0.08 mm2
  • Laser wavelength: 450-460 nm
  • Power supply: 12V/3A
  • Laser class: FDA Class IV, or Class 4 IEC Standard
  • Focus type: Fixed focus– 30 mm focal range

Package content

  • LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver
  • Weight: 4.75 kgs
  • Machine size assembled: 61x67x20 cm
  • Package size: 59x31x15 cm


Overall, the LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver looks like a decent product to buy, but you should be aware of the carving and cutting materials, as they should align with your requirements. If you are looking to engrave a metal piece, this product might not be the best one for you. However, as most applications are based on wood, paper, plastic, and leather, the LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver should be an ideal choice for you.

Interested people can purchase the product from the official product page which is priced at $309. However, since we are happy to provide you with a couple to receive a flat $30 off, use coupon code RAY5$30 on the checkout page.


The company will soon launch the LONGER RAY 10W version of their engraver that supports a more powerful laser module able to engrave on even more materials. The release is scheduled for the end of July 2022.

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