Make Wireless Pentesting Easy with ESP32-DIV

Make Wireless Pentesting Easy with ESP32-DIV

ESP32-DIV is a palm-sized wireless pen-testing device powered by an ESP32. It features an ST7735 TFT LCD display and can perform Packet Monitoring, Wi-Fi Scanning, Beacon Spamming, and Deauth Detection. 

The ESP32-DIV combines the powerful ESP32 microcontroller with an ST7735 TFT LCD screen, along with four microswitches, a buzzer, and a few additional switches making it easier to operate.

This is a very handy tool and can be used to detect and resolve Wi-Fi issues efficiently. It can also be used for Ethical Hacking Practices, Security Audits, IoT Project Integration, and many more tasks. The code for ESP32-DIV is also available on GitHub for those interested in implementing or customizing it for their needs.

In terms of updates and enhancements, first on the agenda is addressing its numerous existing bugs for a smoother user experience. Additionally, the GitHub Repository indicates that a De-Auth attack feature, a WiFi sniffer, and a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) scanner will be introduced in the future to extend wireless monitoring capabilities.

Key Features of the ESP32-DIV Board:

  • Packet Monitoring: Offers real-time surveillance of Wi-Fi traffic, capturing and analyzing wireless packets.
  • Wi-Fi Scanning: Detects and lists nearby access points, providing valuable network information.
  • Beacon Spamming: Enables users to understand network announcements by creating and broadcasting fake Wi-Fi access points.
  • Deauth Detection: Monitors and alerts users to de-authentication attacks in the network.

CiferTech’s ESP32-DIV can be considered a big step forward for anyone working in network security and analysis.

If you are seeking more information on this project you can visit cifertech or follow them on social media for updates.

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