New Widgets in Arduino IoT Cloud Dashboard

New Widgets in Arduino IoT Cloud Dashboard

Arduino’s pursuit of providing the most user-friendly experience with IoT and its various hardware has led them to release two new widgets to Arduino IoT Cloud dashboards, namely: the Value Selector and Value Dropdown Widgets. Arduino Cloud is a platform that supports Arduino Boards, ESP32, and ESP8266-based boards to assist in the development, deployment, and management of IoT devices.

The IoT platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable. It has a low-code approach enabling even those less experienced with coding to get their hands on their projects swiftly. It also comes with a catalog of templates that the user can use to suit their needs.

One can create dashboards on the Arduino IoT Cloud interface. Dashboards are visual user interfaces for interacting with the boards over the Cloud and setting up many different setups depending on what the IoT project requires. It allows real-time visualizations of data as well as convenient management and monitoring of the connected devices.

Moreover, the entire Cloud experience is available remotely through their mobile app, Arduino IoT Cloud Remote, available for Android and iOS. The platform comes with a variety of switches, buttons, color selectors, gauges, maps, etc.–widgets, which enhance the user experience. Two new addition to this array of widgets are:

The Value Selector Widget

This widget allows a more vivid and easy to comprehend way of representing values and choices. It also simplifies the code and prevents developers from updating the code if a change in the visible value is needed.

Image of Value Selector Widget on the Arduino IoT Cloud

The Value Dropdown Widget

This widget condenses the visual representation of the list of options available to the user. It also assists in categorizing and organization of the options, again uncomplicating the user experience.

Image of Value Dropdown Widget on Arduino Dashboard Value Drop Down Widget on Arduino IoT Cloud

New Features Introduced in Arduino Cloud IoT

  • Allow decoupling of the internal values of the variables from the representation on the dashboard
  • Easy to use and customize as they require very little coding by the user.
  • Enhance the way users can work with data.
  • Come with a greater degree of flexibility at the disposal of the user.

Try the new widgets today

Ready to take your IoT projects to the next level? Check out the official Arduino Cloud website for more information on the Arduino IoT Cloud and all the resources available to you. You can also explore the documentation to learn more about the exciting new widgets that are available. Dive in and try out the new Arduino IoT Cloud widgets for yourself!  We’d love to hear your feedback, so don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences with us on the forum.

More information on the new widgets is available on the recently published blog on Arduino Cloud Website.

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