ON Semiconductor NCN51xxASGEVB KNX Evaluation Boards

ON Semiconductor NCN51xxASGEVB KNX Evaluation Boards


ON Semiconductor NCN51xxASGEVB evaluation boards are Arduino-compatible shields that enable rapid prototyping with a microcontroller of choice. These evaluation boards incorporate all the external components necessary for operating the transceivers. The NCN51xASGEVB boards come in three variants such as the NCN5110ASGEVB, NCN5121ASGEVB, and NCN5130ASGEVB. The NCN51xx series of KNX transceivers handle the low-level communication necessary to comply with the KNX standard. The NCN5110 is a bit transceiver and all the timings are handled by the microcontroller. The NCN5121 and NCN5130 implement the MAC layer that reduces the software development effort. The critical timings are handled by the transceiver.


  • Arduino Uno V3 connectors ensure compatibility with a wide variety of development boards
  • Enable rapid prototyping
  • All external components necessary for operating the transceivers are included
  • Four onboard buttons/LEDs to build a dimmer application
  • Available in UART- and SPI-version
  • Easily get started with KNX

more information: https://www.onsemi.com/support/evaluation-board/ncn5110asgevb

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