PIC18F-Q84 Family of Microcontrollers

PIC18F-Q84 Family of Microcontrollers

Microchip’s PIC18-Q84 8-bit PIC® MCUs with an extensive array of CIPs and CAN FD

The PIC18-Q84 family of microcontrollers (MCUs) from Microchip Technology expands the 8-bit PIC MCUs by combining an extensive array of CIPs with controller area network flexible data rate (CAN FD). These MCUs contain time-saving CIPs in up to 48-pins with up to 128 KB of Flash memory. The family offers increased flexibility with customizable timers and automated analog signal analysis for real-time response. Additionally, they include industry-standard features like the JTAG boundary scan, 32-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC) with memory scan on boot for added system safety. Users can benefit greatly from the saved time since it is significantly easier to configure a hardware-based peripheral instead of writing and validating an entire software routine to accomplish a task.


  • CAN FD module
  • Supports data bit rate up to 10 Mbps
  • Backward compatible to support: CAN 2.0A, 2.0B
  • Meets ISO11898-1:2015
  • Direct memory access (DMA)
  • Controller eliminates the need for CPU involvement in data transfers
  • I2C and SPI
  • Improves system performance and reduces power consumption
  • Vectored interrupts (VI)
  • Provides faster response times with fixed latency reducing software overhead
  • Serial communications
  • UART with support for asynchronous, DMX, DALI, and LIN

Critical Safety

  • Functional safety ready
  • 32-bit cyclic redundancy check with memory scan (CRC/SCAN)
  • Ensure the integrity of the memory with scan on boot
  • Windowed watchdog timer (WWDT)
  • JTAG boundary scan – addresses assembly circuit complexity

more information: http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/30010228A.pdf

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