STMicroelectronics EVLVIPGAN100PD 100W USB PD Reference Design

STMicroelectronics EVLVIPGAN100PD 100W USB PD Reference Design


STMicroelectronics EVLVIPGAN100PD 100W USB Power Delivery (PD) Reference Design is based on VIPERGAN100 high voltage converter. This reference design offers >92.6% peak efficiency, 100W maximum output power, and >24 W/in3 power density. The EVLVIPGAN100PD USB Type C™ 3.0 PD adapter reference design features a 90VAC to 264VAC Universal AC input voltage range with a 47Hz to 63Hz frequency range. This reference design implements a robust adapter protected from output overpower, output undervoltage, output overvoltage, and output short-circuit. The EVLVIPGAN100PD reference design helps users to develop adapters with a short bill of materials to obtain a cost-effective and fast design. This reference design is used in AC-DC smart chargers for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other handheld equipment.


  • 90VAC to 264VAC universal AC input voltage range with 47Hz to 63Hz frequency range
  • 100W maximum output power
  • Single Type-C 5VDC÷20VDC output voltage
  • 5V@3A, 9V@3A, 12V@3A, 15V@3A, and 20V@5A fixed PDOs
  • >92.6% peak efficiency
  • >24W/inpower density (unboxed)
  • Support for USB Power Delivery protocol

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