ThingPulse Pendrive S3 – A ESP32-S3 Pendrive with RGB LED, Wireless Storage and Much More

ThingPulse Pendrive S3 – A ESP32-S3 Pendrive with RGB LED, Wireless Storage and Much More


Though it’s called a Pendrive, the ThingPulse Pendrive S3 is not your average drive it’s a versatile device that can transform into various USB gadgets, like a memory stick, keyboard, mouse, or even a networking tool. But its most intriguing use? It can be a “BadUSB” with the SuperWifiDuck software, and at this point, we all know what a USB Rubber Ducky can do!

The module is built around The Espressif ESP32-S3-MINI-1 module which features an Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX7 core with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 (low-energy). Previously we have written about many different ESP32-S3-based products including Waveshare ESP32-S3-Matrix Dev Board,  Waveshare ESP32-S3-Tiny Board, Unexpected Maker Nano S3, and much more, feel free to check those out if you are interested in the topic.

The ESP32-S3 Pendrive S3 incorporates a hidden capacitive touch button, activated by touching the device’s casing. This design choice preserves the device’s sleek appearance. The innovative use of a spring for this button is detailed in Dani Eichhorn’s article.

The ESP32-S3 Pendrive S3 can be used as a hacking tool. It can inject scripts onto a computer, allowing remote control by simulating keystrokes. The SuperWifiDuck software enhances this by enabling wireless script management through a web interface. Other potential applications include a memory stick with cloud sync, a Wi-Fi dongle, and a password manager.

The ESP32-S3 Pendrive S3 leverages the open-source TinyUSB stack to emulate various USB devices like keyboards, mice, storage drives, and more. It is compatible with CircuitPython, making it user-friendly for programming enthusiasts. Similar USB stick devices include the Waveshare RP2040-GEEK, T-Dongle ESP32-S2, and Overdrive USB.

ThingPulse Pendrive S3 Specifications

  • Wireless Module: ESP32-S3-MINI
    • CPU: Dual-core Xtensa LX7 @ 240 MHz
    • Wireless: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 (LE)
  • Memory/Storage:
    • 512 KB SRAM
    • 8 MB on-chip flash
    • 128 MB flash memory (addressable via SDIO/MMC or SD card interface, in 1-bit or 4-bit mode)
  • Enclosure: USB stick plastic enclosure
  • Interfaces:
    • USB-C male connector
  • Features:
    • Capacitive touch button (spring-based, not visible externally)
    • WS2812B addressable RGB LED
  • USB Functionality:
    • Uses TinyUSB open-source USB stack
    • Emulates multiple device classes:
      • Human Interface Devices (mice, keyboards)
      • Mass Storage
      • Video
      • Network
  • Development Support:
    • Compatible with CircuitPython
  • Applications:
    • Can function as a BadUSB device for hacking and penetration testing
    • Supports keystroke injection attacks with SuperWiFiDuck
    • Scripts can be managed wirelessly via the web interface
  • Other Potential Uses:
    • Memory stick with cloud sync capabilities
    • Wi-Fi dongle
    • Password manager functionality

The ESP32-S3 Pendrive S3 has multiple uses. It can act as a hacking tool (BadUSB) to inject keystrokes and remotely control computers, with scripts managed wirelessly through SuperWifiDuck. Additionally, it can serve as a regular memory stick with cloud sync, a Wi-Fi adapter, or even a password manager.


ThingPulse Pendrive S3 is priced at around $25 and can be purchased from the ThingPulse website. While not flawless, it’s suitable for hobbyists and experimentation.

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