W01 U2500 by 52Pi: High-Speed Networking and NVMe Expansion for Raspberry Pi 5

W01 U2500 by 52Pi: High-Speed Networking and NVMe Expansion for Raspberry Pi 5


The W01 U2500 by 52Pi is a versatile HAT designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 5, offering a unique combination of NVMe SSD expansion and USB 2.5G network capabilities. This compact solution is powered by the reliable Realtek RTL8156BG chipset, ensuring seamless integration with your Raspberry Pi 5 for high-speed data transfer and networking performance.

The W01 U2500 enables users to expand their storage capacity with NVMe SSD support, resulting in faster data access and improved system responsiveness. The built-in USB 2.5G network card provides lightning-fast connectivity, ideal for demanding applications, streaming, and online gaming. It’s important to note that the USB 2.5G Ethernet does not support the PoE protocol. Tailored for the latest Raspberry Pi model, the W01 U2500 ensures optimal compatibility. It supports installing NVMe (M-key) drives in M.2 format sizes 2230, 2242, 2260, and 2280, with no soldering required due to the included custom CNC SSD mount screw. The PCIe x1 interface supports both Gen2 and Gen3 standards, enhancing connectivity options.

52Pi W01 U2500 Interfaces
52Pi W01 U2500 Interfaces

The hollow design promotes excellent ventilation and cooling efficiency according to 52Pi. The gold-plated PCB ensures superior electrical performance and reliability, while the short trace routing of PCIe improves reliability and speed, fully meeting PCIe 3.0 signal requirements. An LED light for M.2 disk activity (“ACT”) provides clear status visibility. The board format adheres to the original Raspberry Pi HAT dimensions of 65 x 56.50 mm. The M.2 standard-compliant power system features an integrated voltage regulator delivering up to 3A for the 3.3V power rail.

In addition to the hardware, the package includes all necessary accessories such as an FPC PCIe ribbon, M2 and M2.5 screws, spacers, and an extra custom CNC SSD mount screw. The PCB also has openings for routing two Display/Camera FPC cables, providing flexibility for various project needs. With its blend of high-speed networking and NVMe SSD expansion, the W01 U2500 by 52Pi is an excellent addition for Raspberry Pi 5 users looking to enhance their system’s storage and connectivity capabilities.

The 52Pi Product W01 U2500 is now available to order on the official web store, priced at $29.99; additional information is available on the 52Pi wiki.

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