Würth Elektronik Thetis-I with Evaluation Kit

Würth Elektronik Thetis-I with Evaluation Kit

Radio Module and Test Option for the Wirepas IoT Network Protocol

Würth Elektronik launches Thetis-I, a ready-to-use radio module for Wirepas mesh networks. Thetis-I is the perfect solution for IoT device manufacturers. Networks with technology from Wirepas, the Finnish software provider, are self-healing and freely scalable. Each device with a Thetis-I radio module can also act as a router which means no further infrastructure is required for mesh communication. Würth Elektronik offers developers the Thetis-I Evaluation Kit. It contains an evaluation board, a USB radio stick, and three sensor nodes. Thanks to the tailored Wirepas Commander software, this kit can be operated and configured directly via a PC.


  • Wirepas routing mesh protocol, optimized for ultra-low energy consumption
  • High scalability: ideal for large IoT networks
  • Low-energy and low-latency modus
  • Remote nodes’ configuration
  • Authentication & Encryption
  • Standalone or host-controlled operation
  • Base or custom firmware solutions
  • Nano SIM size: 8 x 12 x 2 mm
  • Smart antenna configuration (2-in-1 Module)
  • Nordic Semiconductor SoC nRF52840
  • +6 dBm TX power (ERP: 4 dBm)
  • 1 MB flash memory, 256 kB RAM
  • CE, FCC, IC certification
  • Software-Tool: Wirepas commander

Thetis-I is based on the Nordic nRF52840 chipset and the proven proprietary 2.4 GHz radio module. The radio module, optimized for Wirepas networks, is extremely energy-saving and offers the choice between low-energy and low-latency modes. The module, which measures just 8×12×2 mm, can be configured remotely using the freely available Wirepas Commander software. It supports authentication and encryption, stand-alone or host-controlled operation. A wide range of potential applications can be tested using the Evaluation Kit. Wirepas technology enables easy connection to well-known cloud platforms. The slim evaluation board allows a controller board to be connected for developing applications. A battery-powered sensor board equipped with the versatile WSEN-PADS pressure sensor and the WSEN-HIDS humidity sensor readily provides an application example for a mesh network.

Thetis-I and the Evaluation Kit are now available from stock without minimum order quantities. Individualized firmware versions can also be supplied on request.

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