xTool P2 Review – A Powerful 55W CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver with Advanced Software Features

xTool P2 Review – A Powerful 55W CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver with Advanced Software Features


Previously we have written about many laser engravers like the AlgoLaser Delta, ATEZR P20 PLUS, and many similar but all of those laser cutters and engraver has one thing in common, they were designed for a beginner or a hobbyist who just wanted to get started with engraving, and is not recommended for everyday use. But the xTool P2 is different, not only it’s robust and powerful but it includes various software features that even kids can operate this tool with easily making it suitable for not only commercial but also educational use.

The xTool P2 is packed, and I mean it, when you look at a standard beginner-grade laser engraver, it will be shipped to you with an air assist, exhaust, and water chiller that you need to attach to run the CO2 laser properly, but the xTool P2 is all in one so it called a  “desktop” machine.  This beast weighs 99 pounds or 45Kgs and takes up 39.4 x 25.1 x 10.6 inches of counter space, so it will take up to two men to move that around.

Let’s look at some of the major features of this tool, the xTool P2 is a 55-watt CO2 Laser Cutter built for creating customized home decor and furniture or you can start a small business of yours as it has a calculated lifespan of 6000~8000h. It can cut 20mm transparent acrylic in one pass and features two built-in 16MP cameras to position drawings and patterns precisely. The first camera gives a wide view of the entire work area for easy positioning. The second camera provides a detailed view for precise engraving in specific areas. On top of that it can engrave on curved surfaces with automatic surface scanning and focal length adjustment. The enlarged bed size and new pass-through feature with a conveyor feeder allow for larger and longer projects. The tool can also be equipped with a Riser base that increases the inner height to 215mm, ideal for customizing items like suitcases. Finally, there is also an additional rotary engraving accessory available that works on tumblers, mugs, spheres, and rings. Unlike traditional CO2 laser cutters, this comes with a built-in air exhaust system, with a filter making it safe and easy to use indoors.

What’s included in the Box?

The P2 CO2 laser basic kit comes with a fully assembled laser cutter, a screwdriver, slats, small material clamps, an air duct hose, antifreeze, a funnel, and samples of wood and acrylic for engraving. Free software is available on xTools websites for creating artwork and operating the machine.

Additionally, there are other accessories available that have to be bout separately like the riser kit, air purifier, fire safety kit, conveyor feeder, rotary engraving accessory, and more materials for engraving.

How to Assemble the xTool P2

Your xTool P2 should arrive fully assembled in a large box, with packing materials, so you need to have some tools to cut the packaging material and get your machine out. you also need someone to help you with moving the machine from one place to another as it’s heavy. once you set up the machine on your table you need to remove some padding, and protective stickers, and access the laser tube with a few screws. there you need to fill the tube with a mixture of water and Antifreeze. The Antifreeze will be provided by the company. it would help if you made a dilute solution of antifreeze with purified water before filling the machine. The machine also comes with a detailed setup manual but for more information, you can check out the video on their website or there are articles and videos to help you learn more about the engraver.

xTool P2 Design and Look

The engraver is fully enclosed and resembles a metal cabinet with a tinted glass top. on the right-hand side, you will find a switch and display, the display gives you access to progress bar temperature readings and a few other information. The lid features hydraulic hinges, making it effortless to open. Inside, the black-on-black interior is neatly organized, with the laser’s wiring securely housed within a robust cable chain.

The Xtool P2 laser only operates when the lid is locked, ensuring safety. The enclosed has air vents at the bottom, which are discreet but you should be careful because it’s big enough that your hand can get under the gap. It features two 16MP cameras for wide-angle and detailed positioning these cameras are responsible for the machine’s 0.3mm accuracy. The focus of this machine is very precise 0.01mm to be exact, this tiny beam delivers precise lines, and the 55W CO2 laser cuts and engraves faster than any other generic engravers out in the market. it also has a Built-in air assist to prevent charring and a powerful fan removes smoke via a hose or optional air purifier. The air purifier is effective but expensive; using an exterior vent may be more cost-effective.

The P2 requires a computer connection, ideally a laptop for the initial USB setup, after which it can connect via WiFi or Ethernet. A start button ensures the machine is not left unattended. It automatically focuses using the material height provided in the software or its cameras. The spacious interior is effective without optional accessories, though its large size can be cumbersome, occupying a 42-inch counter. For pass-through use, a sturdy, open table is needed, preferably in a garage. Access to all sides is necessary for plugs, hoses, and compartments. Key components include the power cord and switch at the back right, emergency button on the right, air duct and ports on the left, and optional fire safety kit connection behind. The CO2 tube at the back requires access only for cooling fluid checks.

xTool P2 Laser Cutter and Engraver Specifications

  • Laser Power: 55 watts
  • Laser Type: CO₂
  • Work Area: 26 x 14 inches
  • Precision: 0.01mm
  • Max Speed: 600mm/s
  • Max Material Thickness: 20mm
  • Machine Footprint: 1000 x 639 x 268mm (39.4 x 25.1 x 10.6 inches)
  • Engraving Size: 600 x 308mm (23.6 x 12.1 inches)
  • Materials: Cardboard, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, stone, metal, glass, acrylic
  • Laser Wave Length: 10649 nm
  • Engraving Accuracy: 0.15 x 0.2mm
  • Cutting Platform: Metal slats and baseplate included
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Interface: One Button
  • Enclosed: Yes

xTool P2 Engraving / Cutting Capabilities

The toll can effortlessly cut through wood up to 18mm and acrylic up to 12mm. Its software includes preset starting points for various materials, ensuring accurate results. The machine’s dual cameras enable precise alignment for projects, allowing for easy corrections and adjustments.

Testing various materials, including wood, acrylic, and metal, yielded impressive results with clean cuts and precise engravings.

The P2’s versatility extends to engraving small items like pencils and slicing through coated metal. Overall, it delivers exceptional performance across a range of applications, making it a valuable tool for creators.

Software for xTool P2

xTool offers free software called xTool Creative Space for designing projects and operating the laser. It is available for Windows, Mac, macOS, and iOS. The software is user-friendly, equipped with features for beginners, and optimized for your laser.

It allows you to draw shapes, and vector lines, and add text, and it supports importing JPG images. Material presets make it easy to get started with common projects. For advanced users, the P2 is also compatible with LightBurn. More details about the software can be found here.

Educational Applications of the xTool P2

The xTool P2 is not just for businesses or hobbyists; it is also an excellent tool for educational settings. Its capabilities can be seamlessly integrated into classroom activities, enhancing STEM education and creative projects.  The xTool P2 can help teachers introduce students to cutting-edge technology, which can dramatically improve their DIY! skills and add to their hands-on learning experience. Skools and universities can set up maker fairs exhibitions or creative challenges where the students can learn from simple engravings to complex models. Students can explore the principles of physics, engineering, and design by working on projects that involve cutting and engraving different materials.

To support educational initiatives, xTool offers an Educational Bundle and free courses. These resources provide educators with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively incorporate the xTool P2 into their teaching. For more information on the xTool P2 Educational Bundle and free courses, visit the Makeblock website:

Safety Precautions for the xTool P2

The xTool P2 is a Class 4 laser that requires safety precautions during use. It has a locked lid and shielded window, but a small ventilation gap exists at the bottom. Keep children and pets away while operating. Never leave the machine unattended and have a fire extinguisher nearby. Avoid using materials that can melt, ignite, or produce toxic fumes.

The xTool P2 is a powerful CO2 laser ideal for small businesses. It’s easy to use, with features like automatic alignment and presets for various materials. It can cut through wood up to 18mm thick and engrave on various materials. The pass-through and riser options allow for larger projects. While it requires ample space and careful setup, its versatility and features make it a valuable investment. The xTool P2 Educational Bundle will cost you around S $5,439.00 and can be found in the Makeblock web store.

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