Zeppelin Design Labs Releases The Noisette Optical Theremin

Zeppelin Design Labs Releases The Noisette Optical Theremin

Zeppelin Design Labs of Chicago has released the Noisette, a build-it-yourself Optical Theremin that generates crazy sounds – from spooky and creepy to atmospheric and spacy.  The pitch and volume of the Noisette are controlled by two light sensors, while the master volume and wave shape are controlled by two potentiometers.

The Noisette kit has only 18 parts that need to be assembled to the circuit board and was designed with STEM students in mind to be a stepping stone into the world of DIY audio electronics. The 30-page manual has over 100 assembly photographs and comes complete with schematics, circuit descriptions, and a brief history of how the original Theremin was developed.


The Noisette features:

  •  2 Optical sensors to control pitch and volume
  •  Master volume control knob
  • Wave Shape Select: Square, sine, or anything in between
  • On-board speaker
  • Audio output jack for either headphones or auxiliary line out
  • Can be powered with either a 9-volt battery or an external 9-volt power adapter
  • Only 18 parts that need to be assembled to the circuit board; only takes a few hours to complete
  • Suitable for kids as young as 8 years old, with adult supervision
  • The Noisette kit is available for $39 direct from Zeppelindesignlabs.com

The Noisette is part of the expanding catalog of do-it-yourself audio electronics kits offered by Zeppelin Design Labs. The Noisette was designed by electrical engineer and product designer Brach Siemens, who started the company in 2014 as an outlet to offer a wide-ranging product line of DIY kits and freelance audio electronic design services.

As someone who is deeply passionate about designing and building audio gear, Brach has a particular enthusiasm for the audio do-it-yourself community. His design ethos has been formed around his passion for making gear that is used in the creation of music and art.

  “There is something magical about the process of creation…and there is something especially fulfilling about making the gear we use to express our creativity. We develop a completely different relationship with our art when we’ve had a hand in creating the tools used in the process.”  As Brach says, the goal of Zeppelin Design Labs is “to give our customers the opportunity to build their own gear…giving them the confidence and experience to…eventually use their creativity to design their own gear from the ground up.”

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