ATmega32U4-Based Synchronous MPPT Buck Solar Charger

ATmega32U4-Based Synchronous MPPT Buck Solar Charger

You want to maximize the power output of your solar panel? Then you need a maximum power point tracking charge controller! Source files here.


  • Programmable with Arduino IDE
  • Input voltage: 15 – 22V
  • Output voltage: 1 – 14.4V
  • Simple MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge controller for 18V solar panels
  • Proper buck converter topology, which increases the current on the output side, not just PWM
  • SparkFun Pro Micro 5V, 16MHz or 3.3V, 8MHz (3.3V recommended, more efficient)
  • ACS712 current sensor (5A version) on the output side
  • Voltage dividers for voltage measurement on panel and output side
  • Two N-channel MOSFETs, driven by IR2104 half bridge driver, inductor (synchronous buck converter)
  • Supplied by the panel voltage, so it can’t drain your battery during the night
  • Working frequency 31.5kHz
  • WARNING! This device is not intended to drive 5V USB devices directly. Do it at your own risk!
  • Always use a regulated 5V USB adapter on the output! Otherwise, voltage glichtes may damage your USB device!
  • This controller is COMMON NEGATIVE
  • Three operation modes: MPPT, CV, CC
  • SD card data logger for time, voltage and current. You can import the txt files in Excel
  • WARNING! Always adjust output voltage and output current limits according to your battery type!!
  • Efficiency between 84% and 92% (excluding board supply current of about 75mA)

ATmega32U4-Based Synchronous MPPT Buck Solar Charger – [Link]

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