EFM8UB1 Breakout – DIP scale USB-MCU board

EFM8UB1 Breakout – DIP scale USB-MCU board


This breakout board converts Silicon Labs’ EFM8UB1 (Universal Bee series) to DIP scale. You can use the USB Type-C cable directly connected.

  • 300mil width DIP16 pin shape (substrate size 27.0 mm × 7.6 mm)
  • EFM8UB10F16G-C (16kBytes flash, 2304Bytes RAM, Internal OSC)
  • Development environment can be used free of charge
  • PCB-Edge Type-C connector
  • USB-CDC bootloader
  • USB bus-power supply
  • One user LED
  • Universal PCB mount available for single-sided parts mounting
  • Side-end face through terminal

more information: http://osafune.github.io/efm8ub1_breakout.html

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Jack peter

wow… That’s are very interesting and amazing posts, I just loved it,
thank you for sharing these posts your posts is Very impressive and motivational!

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