PICKitPlus: PICKitAutoWatch – A new PIC Programming Tool

PICKitPlus: PICKitAutoWatch – A new PIC Programming Tool

After 2 years in development, the PICKitPlus team is approaching the completion of their new programming tool called PICKitPlus: AutoWatch.

This new tool is designed to facilitate the automatic programming of PIC microcontrollers across  a wide range of IDEs and compilers.

PICKitPlus: AutoWatch is software that enables you to simply and automatically program PIC microcontrollers across the very widest range of IDEs and compilers.

You simply select your programmer, select the source HEX file, select a few parameters and you are ready to automatically program your microcontroller. It will automatically detect and work with both the Pickit2, Pickit3 programmers and Xpress and Curiosity Microchip boards.

You select the programmer type, or programmer-on-board type.  You manually select the microcontroller, or use automatic detection, then  you click “Start”, the software will begin monitoring for changes to the source file and It will automatically program your chosen microcontroller whenever the source HEX file changes. That simple!

There are lots of features like pop programming event notices, you can control the ICSP programming performance, save/load projects and much more.

PICKitPlus: AutoWatch GUI
PICKitPlus: AutoWatch GUI

The new software does not need special integration with the IDE, therefore should work with the vast majority of IDEs. It correctly handles cleaning of IDE folder structures, and PICKitPlus: AutoWatch works with MPLAB-X for Windows and MPLAB-X Cloud.

You may be thinking “I can already do this with the PICKitPlus GUI application”.  You can, sort of… but, HEF/SAF is not handled; the GUI will fail when the IDE cleans the folder structure; and it is just generally less robust.

The new tool handles the monitoring and programming procedure in a much more reliable manner and help you do the job in less time.

The PickitPlus team is looking for the first set of users of get the software at a massive discount.   Are you willing to install, evaluate the software and provide a short review? If yes then contact the team on pickitplus@pickitplus.co.uk

Be the first to get the software.  They are looking for users to review – so, be quick.

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