SparkFun’s New TMAG5273 3D Hall-Effect Sensor Features Qwiic Connectors

SparkFun’s New TMAG5273 3D Hall-Effect Sensor Features Qwiic Connectors


Sparkfun recently introduced two breakout boards based on the TMAG5273 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor. The board is available in two variants: a Mini version (0.5in. x 1in.) and a Standard version (1in. x 1in.). Both have low power consumption (2.3mA active, 1µA sleep), but only the Standard version includes a Disable button.

SparkFun’s Chris McCarty explains:

The SparkFun TMAG5273 Qwiic Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor is a low-power, high-precision magnetic field sensor that can detect a magnetic field’s presence, strength, and direction in three dimensions, this board is perfect for applications involving magnetic proximity detection, door and window sensing, mobile rotor and control, and more, all on a Standard 1x1in. Qwiic breakout!

The sensor offers a ±40mT range at 820LSB/mT or ±80mT at 410LSB/mT, with ±0.5-degree accuracy and 5% magnetic drift. It’s breadboard-friendly, uses I2C communication, consumes 2.3mA in active mode and 1µA in sleep mode, and the (1in. x 1in.) module includes a disable button and pin. The extended features list is shown below.

TMAG5273 3D Hall-Effect Sensor Features:

  • Breakout Board Features:
    • Dimensions: Standard 1in. x 1in. footprint.
    • Connectors: Two horizontal Qwiic connectors.
    • Mounting: Four 4-40 screw-compatible mounting holes.
    • Pins: Six PTH pins (3V3, GND, SCL, SDA, INT, Disable).
    • Indicators: Power LED (Red).
    • Additional: Disable button.
  • TMAG5273 Hall Effect Sensor Specs:
    • I2C Address: 0x35 (Default, 7-bit).
    • Magnetic Range/Sensitivity:
      • ± 40mT (820 LSB/mT).
      • ± 80mT (410 LSB/mT).
    • Magnetic Drift: 5%.
    • Rotational Accuracy: ± 0.5° per 360° rotation.
    • Voltage Range: 1.7 – 3.6V.
    • Power Consumption:
      • Sleep: 5nA.
      • Wake-Up/Sleep: 1µA.
      • Active: 2.3mA.
    • Operating Temperature: –40 – 125°C.
    • Features:
      • Integrated temperature compensation/measurement (Range: -40 – 170°C).
      • Configurable data rate.
      • CRC support.

SparkFun has introduced a smaller 0.5×1in.version of its breakout board, maintaining the same functionalities but with rear 90-degree Qwiic connectors for a compact design.

The Mini and Standard SparkFun Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensors are on sale for $6.50 and $5.95, respectively. For more information about the sensor, you can always check out the datasheet of the device. Sparkfun also provides extensive resources for their products, including schematics, Eagle files, board dimensions, a hookup guide, Qwiic information, and an Arduino library, all can be found in their GitHub repo.

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