The evaluation kit for the LD20-0600L single-use flow sensor

The evaluation kit for the LD20-0600L single-use flow sensor

The LD20 single-use liquid flow sensor series from Sensirion, the expert in flow and environmental sensor technology, is suitable for fast, precise and reliable measurements of the lowest flow rates in biomedical applications. The evaluation kit for the LD20-0600L version is now also available from distributors. The sensor manufacturer thus provides its customers with the sensor quickly and easily for initial evaluations and proof-of-concept prototype tests in small quantities.

The LD20-0600L liquid flow sensor is based on Sensirion’s proven CMOSens® Technology and optimizes costs by simplifying the design without sacrificing easy fluidic, electrical and mechanical connections. Luer lock fittings ensure safe and secure integration into the fluidic line. The straight and unobstructed flow channel design has no moving parts. Medical-grade wetted materials provide outstanding chemical resistance and excellent media compatibility. While it can provide bidirectional measurement of ultra-low flow rates up to 20 ml/h, the sensor can also be used to detect common failure modes such as occlusion, air in line or free flow with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.


  • 20ml/h full-scale flow rate for water-based liquids
  • Bidirectional measurement and real-time failure detection
  • High sensitivity for detection of occlusions and air-in-line events
  • Media isolation so the sensor chip has no contact with valuable medications or body fluids
  • Inert, medical-grade wetted materials
  • <50ms response time
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully calibrated, linearized, and temperature compensated digital I2C signal from a single chip
  • Highly scalable sensor design

more information: Sensirion

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