Avnet’s Renesas ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality HAT for Raspberry Pi

Avnet’s Renesas ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality HAT for Raspberry Pi

Sensor HAT based on Renesas ZMOD4410 module accelerates design of products requiring indoor air quality measurement capabilities

Avnet’s Renesas ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality HAT for Raspberry Pi is an evaluation, development and quick-prototyping tool intended for professionals developing a wide variety of mains-powered and battery-powered products with indoor air quality monitoring capability. The HAT features an on-board calibrated ZMOD4410 sensor that measures the concentrations of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) and can estimate carbon dioxide (eCO2) levels. These are important indicators for monitoring indoor air quality. All sensors are electrically and chemically (gas) tested with calibration data stored in the ZMOD4410’s built-in nonvolatile memory.

In addition to the ZMOD4410 sensor, the HAT incorporates a Renesas HS3001 Precision Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor, along with software-controlled status LEDs.

In certain applications, it may be desirable to shift the ZMOD4410 sensing element’s chemical selectivity and sensitivity, or to model its operation at supply voltages other than 3.3V. The HAT facilitates this with a user-adjustable power supply; a jumper selects the default fixed 3.3V supply or one which can be set from 1.75V to 3.9V. The HAT also provides connection points to measure the ZMOD4410 current consumption. This may be useful when integrating the sensor and its software into an extended-life battery-powered product.

Please note that algorithm libraries developed by Renesas are required to operate the ZMOD4410 sensor and convert its data into TVOC and eCO2 measurements. These algorithm libraries are not included with the HAT, but are available directly from Renesas subject to the terms and conditions of Renesas’ Software License Agreement. An application for the ZMOD4410 Software License Agreement, along with the procedure to download the algorithms and related confidential data, is available here.

To validate the HAT’s operation and begin measuring TVOC and eCO2 “out of the box” with a Raspberry Pi solution, Avnet provides a pre-compiled test application built with those algorithm libraries that runs under the Raspberry Pi operating system (formerly Raspbian).


  • Convenient Raspberry Pi HAT form factor for evaluation, development and quick prototyping of products that monitor indoor air quality
  • Detects a wide range of TVOC, from parts-per-billion to parts-per-million and provides eCO2 levels
  • Sensors are chemically tested and factory calibrated
  • On-board user-adjustable power supply option and current measurement connection points
  • Configurable alarm/interrupt output
  • Supplied with pre-compiled Raspberry Pi OS test / validation application
  • Renesas offers licensed downloadable compiled code, enabling a product road map of indoor air measurement innovation

Target applications:

  • Smart home appliances
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart fans
  • Smoke alarms
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Garage openers
  • Security systems
  • HVAC controls
  • Air purifiers
  • Building automation

Software downloads:

  • Download the “out of the box” test/validation application for the HAT which is a pre-compiled application built with Renesas’ ZMOD4410 algorithm libraries and runs under the Raspberry Pi OS.
  • Download Renesas’ Software License Agreement and procedure to download the ZMOD algorithm libraries and related confidential data.

more information: www.avnet.com

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