Cricket ONE is an Arduino compatible board in Raspberry Pi form factor

Cricket ONE is an Arduino compatible board in Raspberry Pi form factor


The Cricket ONE is the first in a series of small microcontroller boards using the familiar form factor of the Raspberry Pi Zero series of single-board computers. Featuring an ATMEGA328PB and CH340C USB to UART converter, this board is Arduino IDE compatible and includes all of the features of the newer ATMEGA328PB.

Basic Specs:

  • ATMEGA328PB at 20 MHz (16 MHz Beta)
  • CH340C USB to Serial adapter
    • Supports board reset for automatic download
    • No external crystal necessary
  • 1A 3.3V LDO to support peripherals
  • Program download and power over microUSB
  • RPi-compatible pinout and mechanical design
    • Works with many HAT’s
    • Fits existing cases

The board is on sale at Tindie for 7 USD.

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