Orca Systems’ Integrated ORC3990 SoC Solution For Direct-To-Satellite IoT Connectivity

Orca Systems’ Integrated ORC3990 SoC Solution For Direct-To-Satellite IoT Connectivity

Orca Systems announces its first-ever wireless system-on-chip (SoC) solution, which can be especially used for the satellite Internet of Things (IoT), called the ORC3990. This new SoC solution enables RF technology for TotumA, a platform that enables the worldwide tracking and monitoring of assets using their Low Earth Orbit LEO nanosatellites. ORC3990 allows direct-to-satellite indoor operation through Totum’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. It also focuses on cost-effective, low-power, wireless solutions to meet the demands of satellite IoT connectivity.

The fully integrated ORC3990 SoC was designed and deployed by Orca Systems, a fabless semiconductor company that provides groundbreaking digital RF technology. Orca Systems’ technology excellence in the RF, analog and digital transceiver, and power management domains served as SoC building blocks and key elements in the design of ORC3990. These core features, combined with Orca Systems’ innovative systems architecture and semiconductor design/integration expertise, have made it possible for the company to support partners like Totum with highly integrated digital RF solutions and offer its users the highest performance, lowest total system cost, and lowest power consumption systems.

ORC3990 Low Power SoC Technology

The ORC3990 SoC technology promises a cost-effective, low-power SoC solution that will be highly competitive in today’s market. This SoC incorporates all the system functions into a single, cost-effective device in a very small package. Its unique architecture integrates everything that is required for an IoT-based SoC application. An essential part of Orca Systems’ SoC design includes a flexible, third-generation Live Wireless RF and a digital radio subsystem.

Additionally, the ORC3390 SoC includes a low noise amplifier (LNA), a digital power amplifier (PA), the Totum satellite modem, a power management unit (PMU) subsystem including all analog blocks, dual Arm Cortex-M0+ CPUs for separate network and application processing, all necessary memory (volatile and non-volatile) for the on-chip CPUs, required security functions, and key analog and digital peripherals. The on-chip sensors provide the temperature of an ORC3990-based IoT endpoint. It supports a variety of digital and analog interfaces that allow it to connect to sensors that detect temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, and flow.

Orca Systems enabled Totum to establish communication quickly from the SoC-based endpoint on the ground to their satellite network. The ORC3990 SoC exhibits a high level of integration and low power requirements, thus enabling the lowest cost of bidirectional endpoints in the industry with 10-year battery life. Truly is game-changing technology for satellite IoT connectivity.

For more information, you can visit the press release of Orca Systems.

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