ShielDIY Do-It-Yourself Custom Shielding Cabinets

ShielDIY Do-It-Yourself Custom Shielding Cabinets

Würth Elektronik’s ShielDIY kit is a fast prototyping solution for board-level shielding cabinets

Würth Elektronik has created a do-it-yourself custom shielding cabinet kit, the ShielDIY. The ShielDIY kit is a fast prototyping solution for board level shielding cabinets. The kit is made up of nickel silver sheet with a thickness of 0.2 mm. The sheets feature lines carved every 5 mm for easy bending and cutting. To build a prototype, cut along the carved lines before bending to obtain the desired shape.

  • Do-it-yourself shielding cabinet; users can create a custom cabinet with this kit
  • Shape board-level shielding
  • Foldable and cuttable with carved lines every 5 mm
  • Material is nickel silver with the same performance as the tinplated steel used in the standard cabinets
  • Useful for fast prototyping
  • Preventing EMI radiation from PCB and keeping sensitivity low
  • RF output stages
  • RF input and amplifier stages
  • Oscillators
  • EMC-sensitive parts in plastic cases

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