CHUWI LarkBox World’s Smallest 4K Mini PC

CHUWI LarkBox World’s Smallest 4K Mini PC

Ultra-small Size/Intel J4115 Processor/6GB RAM/128GB ROM/4K Video Output/Ultra-silence Cooling Fan

Due to its super compact size, Larkbox is fantastic for a desk where space is scarce. What’s more, it can be taken anywhere in your bag, enabling you to work anywhere without the need to switch devices.

To make this even easier, we made Larkbox super lightweight so you won’t even notice you’re carrying it. Unlike a traditional PC that can weigh upwards of 5KG, Larkbox is designed as the ultimate ease of use PC. Ultra-small form factor and lightweight design ensure that Larkbox is never a burden to your daily life.

LarkBox can do more than your everyday desktop PC.

  1. Doesn’t occupy large amounts of space.
  2. Powerful functionality.
  3. Great as an office or home PC.
  4. 4K output for a great visual experience.
  5. Ideal for home theatres, digital signage, projectors, and monitoring.
  6. Less extra heat while lowering operating costs​.

Small, yet with decent power

Despite its size, Larkbox packs a mighty punch. This opens up endless use cases for Larkbox. Due to the form factor, Larkbox is fantastic for POS and digital signage, kiosks, and CCTV systems. The options for Larkbox are endless, small, and powerful enable it to complete all manner of tasks, anywhere, with ease.

The project is live on Crowdsupply and has 29 days to go.

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